DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits

Live Long and Prosper with Connectivity Kits from Data Access Worldwide!

Applications built with DataFlex Studio can be easily deployed on the DBMS of your choice. The tools allow not only for connecting fully transparently, without needing code changes, they also include wizards that will migrate your data without any programming.

Connectivity Kits are available for Microsoft SQL ServerIBM DB2 Universal Database,Pervasive.SQL (Btrieve), and any ODBC-enabled data source (Oracle, MySQL, Excel, etc.).

  • Connectivity Kits from Data Access Worldwide will increase both the value and the life cycle of your application.
  • The single-most impactful, effortless and low cost upgrade one can make to a legacy character-mode or Visual DataFlex application that simultaneously modernizes and “main-streams” that application and improves its performance, reliability, security and scalability.
  • Focuses  prospects’ attention on what matters most: your application’s performance and compatibility with well-known, standards-based SQL database products.
  • Data Access Worldwide has the experience, knowledge and expertise to bring you the best value and most compatible, high-performance driver technology, now and over the long term.
  • FREE! – When paired with the no-cost “Express” editions of MS-SQL, IBM DB2 or Oracle DBMS servers a no cost connectivity kit license is available.