Web Development – Changing the game…

The applications game is changing. While Windows continues as the platform for many business applications, the greatest market demand and market opportunity lies in applications for the web. The new DataFlex Web Framework is designed to provide DataFlex developers with the tools to be winning players!

Traditionally, creating a database application for the web meant understanding multiple technologies: HTML, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, Java and XML. With the new web framework, just one easy technology, DataFlex, is needed to create your entire application, client and server-side.

If you are new to DataFlex, it’s fast to learn and all you need to start developing sophisticated web applications.

If you write Windows applications with DataFlex today, you will be ready to write new web applications or extend your existing solutions to the web the day the new DataFlex Web Framework is delivered!

Watch and listen to developers talking about the new DataFlex Web Framework…

The breakthrough behind the new framework is, you build complete, great-looking web applications on the server using a single programming language inside a first-class Studio environment. And you can visually preview each module of your web application as you work.

Our framework classes provide everything you need: Data dictionary objects connect to your database and centralize you application’s business rules, View and report objects divide your application into functional modules with a control library to define the detailed functionality of each module.

DataFlex’s server-objects define the user interface to the framework’s client-side engine. Each control on the client-device is created without any need to write code. The client-side behavior is controlled by the server-side objects. The framework makes all of this work using AJAX technologies and a client-side JavaScript engine. Visual themes are provided by Cascading Style Sheets. DataFlex does much of the work – you can write less code and deliver more web applications fast & easy.

Whether you are a new business solution developer or seasoned professional, all of your database applications – web, Windows and web services – will utilize the same highly productive, core DataFlex features: a robust Studio, multi-tier architecture, database abstraction, data dictionaries, data-bound controls, a highly efficient language and the full support of Data Access Worldwide.

DataFlex – changing the game…