Web Services & Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

Build Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures fast & easy with DataFlex. Web services are driving many companies’ application strategies today. DataFlex enables building, publishing and consuming web services as well as browser-based applications and Windows client-server solutions in a single, integrated environment. For more information see:

Learning Resources…
Published DataFlex powered Web Services are available to assist developers now with learning and testing the use of Web Services in their applications.

The “Conversions” DataFlex Web Service, developed by DAW’s Marcia Booth, provides a variety of functions that will convert numbers into words (English), numbers into dollar amounts, and texts into title-cased texts.

The service can be tried by anyone by visiting the Conversions DataFlex Web Service page hosted by Data Access Worldwide.

The Conversions service has already been found useful by one enthusiastic VB.net developer:

I wanted to thank you for providing an extraordinary web service by way of your Conversions WSDL! I’ve consumed this service in a practice smart client app and was utterly amazed at how it all works! If I had to write the code to convert numbers to words it would take a considerable amount of time. I was able to set up a few lines of code and consume your conversions service in LESS than 5 minutes! It’s just a practice app but your WSDL is great! Your web service was the first one I’ve consumed programmatically! Thanks!

Brice R.
VB.Net WinForms Developer

The “Anagram” DataFlex Web Service, developed by DAW’s Vincent Oorsprong, demonstrates functions to test your knowledge about anagrams. There are functions to test if a word is an anagram, how many words are stored etc. Anagrams can be stored in multiple languages.

Other available DataFlex Web Services include:

Building client applications to consume Web Services with DataFlex is fast and easy! You just need to run the DataFlex Studio’s “Web Service Client Class Generator” to have a package automatically created. After the package is part of their class list, you can add the service to any of your DataFlex applications.

All business solution developers are welcome to try these Web Services. Note that any developer – not just DataFlex developers – can use these DataFlex Web Services in their applications.

Developers interested in having DAW publish a DataFlex Web Service that they feel would be beneficial to business solutions developers are encouraged to contact Marcia Booth at Data Access in Miami.