DataFlex report Features 2014 v4.0 Edition


DataFlex Reports 2014 version 4.0 product highlights are:


DataFlex Reports 4.0 includes support for creating Charts. In the 4.0 release Area, Bar, Line and Point chart types will be available, more Chart types will follow in future versions..

insert chart

Function Explorer

The new Function Explorer is a quick and convenient way to browse through all the functions defined in your reports. Both user defined and built-in functions can be queried..

 function explorer

RTF Export

Version 4.0 of DataFlex Reports adds support for RTF Export. The RTF (Rich Text Format) export is based on the Microsoft Word 2007 specifications

Page Layers

In version 4.0 you can create new page layers and add them to your report(s). A report can contain any number of page layers that are embedded in the report, eliminating the need to deploy the page layers separately..


Images stored in databases (both DataFlex and ODBC) can now be used directly in DataFlex Reports. Also new is the image display option which will display an image Filled, Fitted or in the Original size within the design rectangle


New collating files are included with DataFlex Reports version 4.0 that allow sorting based on character weight and include the code page for which the collate was created. The collate is saved in the report ensuring the same sort order with deployed reports.

Function Editor

The Function Editor included with DataFlex Reports now includes a list of all the global variables defined in the report and adds a number of new functions as well as a number of extended functions..

global variables


Other changes in version 4.0 include a font strikeout option, a new RDS sample dialog and an option to prompt for RDS data each time you preview the report, improved error reporting, the ability to add summaries in report and group headers and improved remote desktop support.

edit rds sample data