Enhanced Report Integration

For DataFlex developers, DataFlex Reports offers both seamless integration with their DataFlex development environment and seamless integration with database applications to be deployed for end-users.
An important factor is the extremely light foot-print for deploying embedded reports. And the good news is that the distribution of these embedded reports in DataFlex for Windows environments is royalty-free if you own a Developer Edition! For the use of DataFlex Reports with a Web Application Server you need a server based web deployment kit.
A good way to try out integration capabilities of DataFlex Reports is to install the Developer Edition on a computer that already has with DataFlex Studio (latest release) installed on it. It will automatically install the necessary components for integration. The first things after the installation, is to add the new library to a workspace, before using the DataFlex Reports Integration Wizard.
This wizard selects an existing report and in a few clicks a view is created to be embedded in the application. The user that starts the application can easily make selections and dynamically change other parameters, without having to know anything about building reports or developing software.
Use the DataFlex Reports Developers Guide (also available in German) to learn about all available classes and methods. Use the Discovering DataFlex Reports book for more example code.