DataFlex Web server 1 Application License

1,350.00GBP 1,299.00GBP excl.Vat

This  DataFlex Web Application licence allow you to run 1 single DataFlex Application on 1 Single Server. It allow UNLIMITED user web access


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The DataFlex WebApp Server is a high performance, fully integrated application server for deploying browser-based applications, Web Services and service oriented architecture (SOA) solutions.

Since WebApp Server is an integrated component of DataFlex, it utilizes and leverages the complete resources of the environment. DataFlex Studio is the integrated development environment for web applications building; Data Dictionary Objects and Business Process Objects can be shared among Windows client-server and web applications and web services.

A single development-deployment architcture that uses shared components and common code means faster development, less code, easier maintenance and, overall, less complexity to build and deploy solutions.

Technically, the DataFlex WebApp Server is a compact, highly-efficient, C++ based application and transaction processing engine that connects to users and/or services via Microsoft IIS and to a variety of database options using DataFlex’s standard connectivity architecture.

The WebApp Server’s design provides a fundamentally secure environment. An HTML interface defines visual properties for web pages and a messaging protocol for communication with the application server. Server-side applications are driven entirely by messages. Applications code and database access and manipulation code are compiled and run in the server.

DataFlex WebApp Standby Servers
Standby servers provide customers with the entitlement to have a pre-configured secondary server instance (all software installed, ready to activate for production use) in the event of the failure of a primary production server. As a discounted, special purpose server, the secondary standby and the primary server must never operate concurrently (production server stops; standby server automatically takes over)
Two types of Standby Server Licenses are available:

  • Hot Standby Server –A Hot Standby Server is defined as an up-and-running secondary server instance that is automatically activated by third party software upon the failure of a primary server instance.
    • Price: 50% of the price of the server license that the Hot Standby Server will replace.
  • Cold Standby Server – A Cold Standby Server is defined as a configured but non-running secondary server instance that is manually started upon the failure of a primary server instance.
    • Price: 25% of the price of the server license that the Cold Standby Server will replace.


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