Standard, o Developer. di quale versione ho bisogno?

DataFlex Reports Developer Edition is meant for software developers, creating database applications, wanting to embed reports and possibly freely distribute the reports with their applications.
DataFlex Reports Standard Edition is for anyone who has a database and would like to create good-looking reports. The database can be DataFlex, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Pervasive.SQL, or any other data source that can be connected to via ODBC.

Here is what can be done with both editions:

  • Create and modify Reports.
  • Run reports, on Windows and Web.
  • Print Reports.
  • Export Reports to PDF, CSV, Excel, HTML, Word (RTF) and pictures.
To distinguish, here are the things in the Developer Edition that cannot be done with the Standard Edition:
  • Integrate reports in your applications (for DataFlex 16.0 and higher).
  • Create Runtime Datasources.
  • Distribute the DataFlex Reports runtime for Windows applications royalty-free.
  • Distribute reports in Web applications with the Web Deployment License.
  • Lock your reports based on your own chosen password.
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