Utilizzo delle Applicazioni Create con la licenza DataFlex Personal

DataFlex Personal is a type of license, not a type of installation. Once you have a serial number for the Personal license, you simply use it in conjunction with the appropriate installation (Studio or Client) to accomplish either development or deployment

When you install the Studio for development, you get your own Personal license, install that serial number and code and you have your Personal development environment. When using the Personal license for development, it should not be given to others – everyone who uses Personal for development should have their own Personal license.

If the intent is to “deploy” an application (just in it’s running form) developed using Personal (which is allowable as long as the restrictions of a Personal license are honored), the standard DataFlex Client installation should be used (just like any deployment scenario), but registered with the same Personal serial number and code you received when you set up your development environment.

The DataFlex client engine is now running under the Personal license and will need to be activated on each machine on which it is used. The type of installation model (local or network accessible) you can use for the application is not dictated by the use of the Personal license – you select that based the intent of the site. For a multi-user application, you should use the network accessible style of installation.

If you are “publishing” the entire application, source code and all, so that others can compile it themselves and make changes, then you should instruct recipients to get their own copy of DataFlex Personal (you are not “sharing” your Personal serial number to develop with) and then simply give them the entire application workspace and instruct them how to use it.